Ahwazi protest in Britain against the Iranian authorities’ policy


Ahwazi protest in Britain against the Iranian authorities’ policy


14th October 2018


On Saturday (October 13th), dozens of demonstrators and jurists took part in a protest march against Iranian practices and violations against Ahwazi Arabs and non-Persian peoples in Iran.

Human rights activists responded to the call by the Ahwazi community in Britain to demand that Iran be punished and an end to abuses against non-Persian communities in Iran, especially Ahwazi Arabs, who are subjected to various kinds of marginalisation and suffering.

The demonstrators, who were also joined by Arab citizens from Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, chanted slogans denouncing Iran's interference in their country and fuelling a sectarian fire. The protestors ended their march in front of the British parliamentarians, who raised the banner of self-determination and shouted slogans against racism and discrimination.

The Ahwazi protestors continued their march towards the British Parliament, chanting slogans in both Arabic and English, carrying the flag of Ahwaz, and holding pictures of the detainees and banners condemning the racist policies pursued by the Iranian authorities against the Ahwazi and its violation of human rights in Ahwaz.

The demonstrators appealed to the international community, international public opinion and humanitarian organisations to pressure the Iranian authority to stop arbitrary arrests and stop the torture of Ahwazi activists in Iranian prisons and detention centers’. At the invitation of the Ahwazi community in Britain, a march took place in London on Saturday 13th October, in which the non-Persian people participated in the protest. A number of human rights organisations also participated in this march.

Deputy Secretary-General of the Movement April 15, Abdullah al-Tai said:  "A large number of Arab activists from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain and Lebanon took part in the demonstration condemning the recent arrests by the Iranian regime against the Arab people of Ahwaz". "The protesters denounced the Iranian intervention in the region and the spread of sectarianism and terrorism in many Arab countries". This march comes at the invitation of the Ahwazi community in London, in protest against the repressive policies adopted by the Iranian regime against Arabs Ahwaz.

"The Iranian security forces arrested a large number of Ahwazi activists after the Ahwaz operation on September 22, where there were about 300 activists and fugitives in Iran's prisons. There are no further details about these detainees," Ahwaz rights activist Abdul Rahman Hatta told al-Watan. We decided to submit a protest to send our voice to the British government. He added that "human rights violations in Ahwaz are very terrible, and a large number of citizens have been arrested, and there are a large number of disappeared by the Iranian authorities, and many of these detainees were tortured by the Iranian security services".

The protest was attended by several human rights organisations such as the Gulf European Centre for Human Rights, the Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society, and the Yemeni Coalition for Human Rights and the International Human Rights Message. "The demonstrators condemned the crimes and violations of the Iranian regime against the Arab citizens of Ahwaz, including the campaign of arrests and enforced disappearances of activists since September 22, which included the arrest of 1000 citizens from Ahwaz," said the secretary-general of the Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society, Faisal Fulad. "Iran's crimes have also spread to other Arab countries such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen," he said. "We demand that the leaders of the Iranian regime be brought to the criminal court because of their support for militias and extremism in Arab countries and violations of human rights against Ahwazi citizens."

"The human rights situation in Ahwaz is currently appalling. The Iranian regime has arrested a large number of Ahwazi. It appears that the regime is preparing to issue death sentences and imprisonment for a large number of detainees in prisons," said Ahmad Bayan, an expert on Iranian affairs. Therefore, the demonstrators called on international opinion and international human rights organisations to pay attention to the situation of political detainees in Ahwaz, who have long been in the hands of the repressive authority of the Iranian regime recently, especially after the Ahwaz attack.

The Gulf European Centre also supported the protest in London and called on the British authorities to stand by the people of Ahwaz and to hold Iranian officials accountable for violating the rights of the Arab people of Ahwaz. The Gulf European also demanded pressure from international organisations against the Iranian authorities to release all Ahwazi detainees from Iranian cells. 

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