GECHR condemns expulsion of a student from the university for religious reasons

Gulf European Centre for Human Rights


GECHR condemns expulsion of a student from the university for religious reasons

13th January 2019


According to human rights sources from Iran, Shayan Manavi, an engineering student at Islamic Azad University has been expelled for being a Bahai. A source close to Shayan family told the Iranian Human Rights Organisation that a number of students from the university, including Shayan Manavi, have been expelled because of their belief in Baha'i faith.

The source said Shayan Manavi was in the third year of university study but was expelled from the university recently. The source added that university officials told Shayan that Baha'is are not welcome to study at the university.

Since the 1979 revolution, the Iranian Baha'is have been systematically deprived of their right to education, among other rights and the Iranian constitution does not recognize Baha'i as a religion. In university application forms, students must mention their religion. A number of Bahá'í students were banned from studying in Iranian universities after they announced their religion. Some were expelled at later stages during their university studies.

The Gulf European Centre for Human Rights condemns Iranian persecution, abuse, discrimination and other ill-treatment against the Baha'is, and urging the Iranian authorities to respect the citizen's faith, freedom of opinion and religion.

The CGECHR calls on the international community to pressure the Iranian authorities to stop the policy of pressure against citizens on the basis of their religion, ethnicity and belief. It also demands a halt the authority’s policy of expelling and depriving the Bahai citizen of the right to education, work and freedom of worship.



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