GECHR condemns the killing of Ahwazi farmers by IRGC

Gulf European Centre for Human Rights

GECHR condemns the killing of Ahwazi farmers by IRGC

5th April 2019


According to sources from Ahwaz, Iranian Revolutionary Guards attacked the village of Jalizi in the north of the city of al-Khafajiya in Ahwaz on April 2nd, and opened fire on the Ahwazi demonstrators in the village, killing two Ahwazi farmers and injuring dozens, including elderly people and women. The sources confirmed that Mr Aboud Khalaf al-Jalizi is one of the murders, who was killed by the IRGC. Local sources also said that more than 70 people were arrested.

Sources from Al-Ahwaz told GECHR that the Iranian security forces attacked other areas in Al-Ahwaz. The sources reported that a number of protesters were arrested by the security forces. Farmers in Ahwazi rural areas protested against the policies of the Iranian authorities to open the dams that have caused the displacement of thousands of Ahwazi and the destruction of their property in the areas of north and west Ahwaz. Farmers also believe that opening the dam will damage agricultural and residential lands and cause mass migration of some 30,000 rural residents in areas located in Iraq's borders.

Reliable sources confirmed that Ahwazi villagers living in rural areas of western Ahwaz refused to abandon their homes and lands when the IRGC told them that the dams would be opened to agricultural lands in order to protect oil wells in the area.

The Gulf European Centre for Human Rights strongly condemns the policy of the Iranian authorities to open dams against the property of farmers and other Ahwazi citizens instead of opening water to oil and sugar cane areas. The Centre also condemns the attacks of the Revolutionary Guards against the protesters in Jalizi village, which resulted in the killing of two people by the Revolutionary Guards and the arbitrary arrests carried out by the IRGC against Ahwazi citizens. The Centre calls for the immediate release of all detainees unconditionally and to hold accountable all those who fired at the protesters in the village of Jalizi.

GECHR calls on international organisations to intervene quickly to stop the Iranian authorities' policy of using military forces to force citizens to emigrate to the unknown or to assassinate and arrest anyone who opposes the policy of the Iranian authorities. The displacement of people towards the unknown and the use of military forces to stop the protests is violation of international human rights law and need for international intervention to stop Iranian violations against Ahwazi Arab people, specifically rural citizens in the north and west Ahwaz.



  • The Iranian authorities should clarify the reasons for not opening the dams in the summer, causing volume water in winters to be increased compared with the size of the dam.


  • The Iranian authorities have to open dams toward areas such as oil fields and sugar cane lands instead of opening dams to farmlands and residential areas.


  • The Iranian authorities must provide all necessary services for the displaced due to floods such as temporary housing, foodstuffs, blankets, clothing and protection of all animals.


  • The Iranian authorities must take care of all the material losses to Ahwazi citizens, such as the destruction of houses, farmlands and livestock.


  • The Iranian authorities must release all detainees and hold accountable the criminals who shot the farmers.


  • The Iranian authorities should allow relief organisations to enter the area in order to support those affected.


  • The Iranian authorities must stop using military and security forces to force Ahwazi citizens to leave their lands to the unknown.


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