GECHR supports the decisions of the Warsaw Conference

Gulf European Centre for Human Rights


GECHR supports the decisions of the Warsaw Conference


16th February 2019


Foreign ministers and senior officials from 60 countries met in the Polish capital Warsaw on Wednesday and Thursday (13-14 February), where the United States hopes to increase pressure on Iran.

The dozens of countries participated in the summit were aimed at a better and more stable Middle East and have focused on ending and stopping Iran's interference in the region through its militias and other terrorist groups. On the agenda of the Warsaw Conference, there were important discussions about Iran's influence in the Middle East and a collective response to some of its malignant behaviour in the region.

The Gulf European Centre for Human Rights believes that the Warsaw Conference represents an important opportunity for allied countries, such as the United States and its allies in the Middle East and Europe to meet to address a number of important issues, including the peace plan, as well as the Iran issue, the most important issue at the summit. In fact, the role that human rights organisations can play such as GECHR to confront extremism and violence is increasing and may even be central to this special summit. The world also knows that Iran's activities have spread throughout the world, including European countries, so that Iran has tried to target and assassinate a number of opponents in Europe. The European Union has recently agreed to impose sanctions against the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and several Iranian officials, with its track record of planning terrorist attacks in Europe.

Iran's behaviour in support of extremism and terrorism has exacerbated tension and violence in the Middle East as well as African countries. Iran has used all means to target the stability of countries. For example, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard officer who served in Vienna under diplomatic cover was recently charged with his role in the planned attack against the Iranian opposition in Paris in 2018. Hence, the Warsaw Conference focused on sensitive points for the stability of the Middle East, namely ending Iran's destructive role.

GECHR believes that Iran plays a negative role in destabilising the region and promoting the revolutionary doctrine of the Iranian regime, which is a growing obstacle to the stability of the region. Therefore, the Gulf European Centre believes that the stability of the region is not easy to reach until confronting Iranian regime policies. Thus, international organisations along with the governments may use the Warsaw Conference as an opportunity to expand their relations with each other, as well as other organisations such as Gulf European Centre on key issues such as the impact of insecurity and instability on human rights in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, the Arab Gulf states, Ahwaz and other regions of Iran.

In fact, the Warsaw summit is an opportunity to gather more countries to confront Iranian policies in the region. Hence, the summit will reveal the real face of Iran to the world and will help the international community stand by the countries and peoples of the region towards Iran and its allies such as terrorist groups.

To conclude, the GECHR calls on all international human rights organisations to coordinate with each other and support the Warsaw Conference aimed at ending Iran's policy of supporting extremism and violating human rights such as murder, torture, ethnic cleansing, mass displacement and enforced disappearance.

The Gulf European supports the Warsaw Conference because the Centre believes in human freedom, stability of the region, ending violence and violations and respecting the sovereignty of States and the future of peoples. The centre knows that Iran is the main reason for the destruction of the region and the spread of terrorism and wars through the establishment of armed militias in the Middle East and even Africa. As the centre reminds Western countries of the role of Iran in targeting and killing opponents in Europe, thus, Iran spreads its terror everywhere, so it requires standing with each other to stop Iran and its subversive policies.

GECHR also calls on the countries participated in the Warsaw Conference to establish a Human Rights Commission and make direct contact with human rights organisations and victims of Iran's policies because the human rights situation in the Middle East is in a tragic situation.

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