Iran must release the detainees in Ahwaz

           Eleven Human Rights Organisations


Iran must release the detainees in Ahwaz


27th September 2018


The Iranian authorities have launched massive raids against Ahwazi, including civil and political activists, and arrested around 1000 of them without any charges after the military operation that targeted the Revolutionary Guards in the city of Ahwaz on Saturday (September 22nd).

The Human Rights Organisations published numerous reports, articles and human rights actions on the Iranian policy of impoverishment of the people, which caused the Ahwaz citizens to live in extreme poverty, homelessness, unemployment, discrimination and other ill-treatment. Therefore, the eleven human rights organisations urge immediate intervention by humanitarian organisations and the Security Council to stop Iranian policies in Al Ahwaz. 

The eleven human rights organisations fears that detainees will face physical and psychological torture by the Iranian authorities. According to reliable sources, the Iranian security services in Ahwaz are using torture experts from Tehran, Iran's capital, to obtain false confessions from detainees.

In addition, the Iranian authorities want to use the pretext to arrest more Ahwazi Arabs and torturing them in secret detention centers to prepare a scenario for further executions against Ahwazi, and long life imprisonment and accelerating the change of the demographic composition of the Ahwazi in their historic land.

Thus, the eleven human rights organisations strongly condemn Iranian policies in Ahwaz, such as arbitrary arrests, torture and enforced disappearance, and urge the international community to intervene immediately to end Iranian ill-treatment in Ahwaz. The organisations also urge international bodies and institutions to exert more pressure on the Iranian authorities to stop and end their policies in Ahwaz, which have made Ahwazi citizens living in an embarrassing situation because of poverty, homelessness, unemployment and the destruction of the environment.

The eleven human rights organisations would like to draw the attention of international human rights organisations to the fact that the arbitrary arrest of around 1000 Ahwazi Arabs and the number of detainees may increase which is in violation of international law and human rights. The Human Rights Organisations would like to add that the Iranian authorities have a bad record of human rights violations against prisoners. Hence, international human rights organisations and the Special Rapporteur of Iran should increase their pressure on Iran to release all persons detained by the security forces since 22 September 2018.  



  1. The Gulf European Centre for Human Rights
  2. Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society
  3. Lebanese Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights
  4. Organisation of the Global Message for Human Rights
  5. Syrian Observatory for Documentation of War Crimes
  6. Karama Human Rights Association in Bahrain
  7. Yemeni Coalition for Human Rights
  8. Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights
  9. Baluch Observatory for Human Rights
  10. Arab Gate for Cultural Rights and Freedoms
  11. Arab Observatory for Trade Union Rights and Freedoms  

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