The first international human rights forum for the Gulf European Centre for Human Rights London / United Kingdom


Kamil Alboshoka


Title of the paper: Human Rights situation in the region


The first international human rights forum for the Gulf European Centre for Human Rights

London / United Kingdom


27th April 2019


Kamil Alboshoka

Director at Gulf European Centre for Human Rights


Today, 27th April 2019, Gulf European Centre for Human Rights organised a conference on Iranian impact on human rights in the region with the participation of all of you as researcher, activists, experts and journalists. In fact, we aim today’s meeting to be fruitful for ending Iranian impact on our security and human rights through focusing on international community to pressure Iran to end all its violations in the region.

So, dear participants, I am here to talk about the situation of human rights in the region because of the Iranian intervention, by occupying the lands of the peoples of the region such as the people of Ahwaz and Baluchi and by occupying the sovereignty of countries such as Iraq, Syria and Yemen and trying to penetrate the security and stability of Bahrain and Lebanon directly and indirectly.

Hence, Mr Faisal Fulad will discuss about Bahrain situation, Dr Al-Shekhili will speak on Iraq issue, Dr Alhajili will speak on Syrian issue, Mr Adel will speak on Yemen issue, Mr Abdullah will discuss the Baluch situation in Iraq, and Mr Jawad Al-Haidari will focus on Ahwaz, as well as Mr Graham who will speak on human rights in Iran. Miss Amira will discuss how NGOs can have an impact on victims. However, every group of people and every activist need to know about the role of media in publishing and spreading human rights cases in the world. Therefore, Mr Hasan Radhi will discuss the role of media for human rights cases. Then in the final, we will have around 40 minutes discussion on Iran’s impact on human rights in the region.

The following is a list of propositions that have been categorised according to the themes of the forum:

  • We conduct annual human rights seminars in several European, Arab and even American countries.


  • To emphasise the discrimination and racism of the Iranian regime towards non-Persian peoples such as Ahwazi, Baloch, Turk Azeri, Turkomans and Kurds, and to force Iran to comply with international human rights obligations.


  • Provide guarantees to promote the concept of human rights and security for non-Persian peoples such as Ahwazi and Baluch by imposing obligations on Iran such as establishing safe-zone under UN protection so as to provide an opportunity for those people for self-determination.


  • To increase the production of knowledge on human rights situation inside Iran, especially non-Persian nations, and to focus on security, stability and human rights issue for the countries of the region such as Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain because of Iran's support for armed militias and the targeting of state sovereignty and violation of international law.


  • Focus on the militias and militia leaders who work within the state institutions in Iraq, Yemen and Syria such as the ministers, delegates and other political figures and reveal their role and deal with the Revolutionary Guards terrorist groups to destabilize the security and stability of the countries of the region. It therefore requires international intervention to confront Iran and Iran's agents in the region because Iran violates state sovereignty, international humanitarian law and human rights by supporting militias, killing, arresting and torturing citizens of the region.


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